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About 4D

4D games are very popular in Malaysia and Singapore, due to it simple and straight forward rule. Pick any number from 0000 to 9999 and bet any amount you wish. It is so simple and popular that there are 6 license operators (known as 4D operator) in Malaysia. 3 operators in Peninsular Malaysia that are well known as Magnum, Sports Toto and Damacai. The remaining 3 operate in East Malaysia are Special Cashsweep, Sabah88 and Sandakan4D.

As for Singapore, there is only 1 license operator known as Singapore Pools.

Public are advices to play 4D games with these licensed operators and not from illegal bookie as all winning is guaranteed under these 4D Operators. It is an offend to place 4D betting through bookie and you can be fine and or jailed.

4D games can be very fun and exciting, but you are cautioned not to be addicted. Play responsibly and only with money that you can spare.

Type Of Game


Choose any three-digit numbers ranging from "000" to "999". Winnings will be based on the last 3 digits of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize drawn at a 1+3D draw.

4D Classic

To play, you just pick a 4-digit number, or 4D number, from 0000 to 9999. You win when the 4D number you picked matches one or more of the winning 4D numbers drawn by the operators.

I-box, mbox, i-Perm

It is the new and easy permutation play that allows you to cover your bet by choosing from a range of 4, 6, 12 or 24 permutations of your favourite 4D number with just RM1. There are 24 combinations for a four-digit number if the number has 4 different digits (e.g.1648), 12 permutations for a four-digit number with 1 pair of similar number (e.g. 1668), 6 permutations for a number with 2 pairs of similar digit (e.g. 2828 or ) and 4 permutations for a number with 3 similar digit (e.g.1888).

4D Jackpot

Choose two (2) of your favourite 4D numbers from 0000 to 9999 to form a pair eg, (1234 + 5678). The pair of two (2) 4D numbers chosen is considered as one (1) bet and a minimum investment of RM2. Once you have placed a bet on your chosen pair of two (2) 4D numbers, you are in for a chance to win the multi-million Jackpot 1 and RM100,000-minimum Jackpot 2 and other prizes! Both Jackpot 1 and Jackpot 2 prize money have NO LIMITS!

Magnum Life

Choose 8 numbers from 1 to 36. Each Magnum Life play costs RM1. Magnum will draw 8 winning numbers plus 2 bonus numbers every draw day. If you match 8 winning numbers, you won RM1,000 every day for 20 years!

Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold

Pick a 6-digit number and include a 2-digit GOLDEN number from 00-19. You will win Jackpot Gold 1 if every one of your 6 Digits and GOLDEN numbers exactly match the Jackpot Gold winning number.

Magnum mGold

Pick 6 numbers of your choice. A minimum buy of RM2 is required for each play. If all of your 6 numbers matches exactly the 6 numbers drawn, You won RM200,000!

DaMaCai 3D Jackpot

Pick three sets of 3D numbers from 000 to 999 to form a composition of 3D numbers. All selected 3D numbers are automatically boxed and the 3D Jackpot result is based on existing 3D draw results. The minimum bet amount for a 3D Jackpot is RM2 or in multiples of RM2. All three sets of the 3D numbers match the Top 3 Prizes in any order of the 3D results will strike the Jackpot.

DaMaCai 3+3D Bonus

The basis of play for 3+3D Bonus is to select two sets of 3D numbers from 000 - 999 to form your favorite 6-digit numbers, together with one Bonus selected from the twelve Chinese Zodiac.

Step 1 : Select two sets of 3D numbers from 000-999 to form your favorite 6-digit numbers.
Step 2 : Select a BONUS from the twelve Chinese Zodiacs.
Step 3 : Place your bet amount. Each bet must be in a multiple of RM1.

Chinese Zodiac Bonus
The Bonus element of 3+3D Bonus is made up of the twelve Chinese Zodiac. A unique symbol is assigned to each Chinese Zodiac Bonus for the convenience in playing the game. Each valid bet must consist of 2 sets of 3D numbers and 1 Chinese Zodiac Bonus.Matches the 6-digits drawn as "1st Prize" in the exact order will strike the first prize. If you match the 6-digits drawn as "1st Prize" in the exact order and the Chinese Zodiac Bonus, you will strike the first prize bonus as well.

ToTo 5D

Pick a 5-digit number from 00000 to 99999, If you hit the 1st prize, you win RM15,000 for each RM1 bet.

ToTo 6D

Pick a 6-digit number from 000000 to 999999, if you hit the 1st prize, you win RM100,000 for each RM1 bet.

Star ToTo 6/50

Pick 6 of your favourite numbers from 1 to 50, each bet is RM1.

Power ToTo 6/55

Pick 6 of your favourite numbers from 1 to 55, each bet is RM1.

Supreme ToTo 6/58

Pick 6 of your favourite numbers from 1 to 58, each bet is RM2.

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